Served only during 10:00am - 4:pm

seven days a week including holdidays.

All luncheon dishes are served with steamed

jasmine white rice or plain fried rice.

A choice of meat for the fried rice will be an extra charge.


Weekday $6.75        Weekends & Holiday $7.75


L1. Chicken Broccoli with Egg Roll                                                                  


L2. Beef Chinese Broccoli with Egg Roll                                                        


L3. Chicken Lemongrass with Chicken Wing                                              


L4. Fried Half Chicken with Spicy Garlic Sauce                                          


L5. Spicy Chicken Wings with Nime Chow                                                    


L6. Chicken Mix Vegetables Oyster Sauce with Nime Chow


L7. Beef Broccoli with Chicken Wing                                                            


L8. Beef Mix Vegtables with Egg Roll                                                            


L9. Beef Teriyaki, Chicken Wing, and Egg Roll                                            


L10. Beef Ginger with Chicken Wing                                                              


L11. Spare Rib, Chicken Wing, and Egg Roll                                                


L12. Shrimp Mix Vegtebalbes Oyster Sauce with Egg Roll                      


L13. Spicy Spare Ribs with Nime Chow                                                        


L14. Barbeque Pork with Nime Chow                                                          


L15. Beef Stea with Egg Roll                                                                            


L16. Strange Flavor Shrimp with Chicken Wing                                        


L17. Beef Lemongrass with Chicken Wing                                                  


L18. Beef Teriyaki with Egg Roll                                                                      


L19. Fresh Tofu Mix Vegetables Oyster Sauce with NIme Chow          


L20. Chicken Red Curry with Nime Chow                                                    


L21. Strange Flavor Chicken with Egg Roll                                                  


L22. Shrimp with Spicy Garlic Sauce with Chicken Wing                        


L23. Fresh Tofu Lemongrass with Nime Chow                                          


L24. Seafood Ginger with Chicken Wing                                                      


L25. Crispy Chicken Mango Sauce with EggRoll                                          


L26. General Tso's Tofu with Egg Roll                                                            


L27. General Tso's Chicken with Egg Roll                                                    


L28. Orange Chicken with Egg Roll                                                                


L29. Chicken String Bean Black Bean Sauce with Chicken Wing          


L30. Cashew Shrimp Chinese Style with Chicken Wing                            


L31. Chicken Basil with NIme Chow                                                            


L32. Pork String Bean Black Bean Sauce with Egg Roll                            


L33. Beef Green Pepper with Chicken Wing                                                


L34. Chicken & Shrimp Pineapple with Nime Chow                                  


L35. Beef Mogolian with Egg Roll                                                                    


L36. Beef Loc Lac with Nime Chow                                                                


L37. Crispy Chicken Szechwan Sauce with Nime Chow                          


L38. Crispy Chicken Eggplant Satay sauce with Egg Roll                          


L39. Cashew Chicken Thai Style with Nime Chow                                


Luncheon Entrees Listed below does not include rice .


 Weekday $7.75        Weekends & Holiday $8.75


L40. Chicken Lo Mein and General Tso's Chicken with Egg Roll


L41. Chicken Angel Hair Noodle and Orange Chicken with Nime Chow


L42. Chicken Lo Mein and Sweet & Sour Chicken Chinese Style with Egg Roll


L43. Vegetable Garlic Nooodle and General Tso's Tofu with Nime Chow


L44. Chicken Lo Mein and Crispy Chicken Szechwan Sauce with Nime Chow

Dinner and Luncheon Special


Dinner Special


Steam Rice $6.75,         Plain Rice $7.50,          Fried Rice with choice of meat $8.75


DN1. Shrimp Broccoli Oyster Sauce


DN2. Shrimp Pineapple Sauce


DN3. Shrimp String Bean Black Bean Sauce


DN4. Beef Mongolian


DN5. Beef Loc Lac


DN6. Chicken Ginger


DN7. Chicken Mix Vegetable Oyster Sauce


DN8. Chicken Thai Cashew


DN9. Seafood Ginger


DN10. Seafood Eggplant Satay


DN11. Tofu Mix Vegetable Oyster Sauce


DN12. Tofu String Bean Black Bean Sauce


DN13. Chicken Wings


DN14. Spicy Chicken Wings


DN15. Ribs


DN16. Spicy Ribs


DN17. Beef Teriyaki


DN18. Half Fried Chicken


DN19. Barbeque Pork


DN20. Chicken Teriyaki